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Sample Letter

Utopia Healthy Living

123 Bliss Lane, Utopia, TAS, 4444, AUS

(03) 1234 5678 | |


[Insert date]


Dear [insert candidate name],


Utopia Healthy Living is a community organisation that works to improve the health of the children of Utopia through diet and exercise. We conduct information programs at Utopia Primary School, where we also run a community garden and exercise programs — all on a voluntary basis.


While our programs have been showing clear success over the past three years, we believe they would be more effective if they were adequately resourced. Moreover, we would like to see similar programs introduced in primary schools across the state.


We write to urge you and your party to make a commitment to support education programs in schools that introduce children to the principles of healthy living.


Utopia Healthy Living is very concerned about the impact of poor diets and lack of exercise on many Tasmanian children, particularly those living on low incomes. At Utopia Primary School we see many children who are not eating enough fruit and vegetables, partly because their families do not know about principles of healthy eating and partly because fruits and vegetables are very expensive at the local store.


We would like to see better government support for educational programs to help Tasmanian families and children understand the importance of good diet and exercise and for community gardens to help families cope with high food prices.


We urge you to make a commitment in this election campaign to address this issue by supporting the development of coordinated healthy eating education programs to be delivered in all Tasmanian schools.


We would like to hear your views on this issue and we would like to share your views with our members and the broader community. Please reply to this letter with your views on the issue.


Thank you and best wishes for your election campaign.


Yours sincerely,



Chief Executive Officer

Utopia Healthy Living