Sample AGM Task Sheet

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Sample AGM Task Sheet

Time Task Responsibility
ASAP – up to one year Set date for AGM  

4-6 months

Nominations process begins: candidate identified, Committee or Chair contacts, applications received  
4-6 months Begin preparing background materials. Financial information taken to accountant for financial statement. Request Chair etc. to begin reports  
4-6 months Prepare list of members to attend and send out Notice of Annual General Meeting to membership  
3-4 months Prepare budget for AGM. Make arrangements for AGM location, food and speakers  
3-4 months Start preparing the Annual Report publication  
1 month Complete and send draft reports to the Chair. Send Annual Report for printing  
15 days to 1 month Send out Agenda, Audited Financial Statements, any Reports, resolutions or bylaw changes, and last AGM minutes to Membership  
Fortnight Do a seating plan – use table/s? Auditorium style?   
Fortnight Draft script with all details of the meeting  
Fortnight Ensure materials are available on the web site  
1 week Confirm attendance of speakers/performers (if applicable)  
1 week Check out venue and determine what equipment you will need to bring eg. cups, urn, laptop.  
1 week Determine roles for board members and/or staff at the meeting.  
1 week Finalise script for Chair and other Board members as needed  
1 week Assess RSVPs to help ensure quorum will be at the AGM.  If quorum is going to be an issue, send out request for proxy statements.  
Day of AGM

Arrive early and ensure room is prepared.

Ensure equipment needed is in place and in working order.

Ensure a sign-up sheet is at the door to record attendance.

Have extra AGM packages available in case members forget their copies.

Post AGM

Distribute minutes to members.

Note anything you'd change or do differently - adjust Task list for next year.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done.