How to improve your organisation's health literacy

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How to improve your organisation's health literacy

Health literacy is often thought of as people having the knowledge and skills to get the health information and services they need. But health literacy is also about ensuring that we, as community organisations, do all we can to provide information that is easy to understand, and to help people find their way through the health and community services’ system.

Improving organisational health literacy is all about communication, empowerment and being consumer-focused. These are things community organisations work hard to do well. Many of us have processes in place to ensure that we engage well with consumers, are responsive to their needs and are friendly and welcoming. But it is difficult for any organisation to be perfectly health literate. Improving health literacy is an ongoing cycle of planning, action and review.

Check out the Toolkit

Check out the online toolkit for improving your organisation’s health literacy at

The step by step process includes doing an online self-assessment checklist.  After you have completed the checklist you will have a good idea where your organisation’s strengths are and where there are areas for improvement. You can then develop your Action Plan. There are lots of ideas for action. Click here to see the Health Literacy Action Plan Template.

We also have further information on what health literacy is, as well as some videos from our HeLLOTas! participants.


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